Insight Licensing Services, Inc.
Insight Licensing Services, Inc.

  • Engagements

    DTR Audit


    We audited one of the biggest European retailers and identified numerous articles not captured in the royalty reporting process.

    The impact of these unreported sales resulted in significant findings in the millions.

    A comprehensive list of recommendations were put forth to the licensor to ensure full compliance going forward.

    One of the results was a new special task force created to implement a majority of our recommendations.

    Publishing Company


    We conducted a critical publishing audit in the Middle East.

    An ex-licensee continued to distribute articles in its local market and hence «diluted» the market to the detriment of a new licensee.

    The licensor was deprived from any royalty revenues since license agreements were terminated.

    Significant findings were raised during the audit and it was mutually agreed not to manufacture or sell any product and to destroy all the licensee’s remaining stock.

    Regional Audit


    We assisted a regional office to deploy audit strategies for its local licensees.

    We assisted in developing and implementing limited review methodology considering emerging market specificities and diversity.

    We trained local office staff on site but most importantly, we made the region aware about the pervasive use of unlicensed IP and its financial impact over a business.

    Piracy had always been a significant concern in the region and with our implemented methodologies, significant findings were assessed.

    Unauthorized Discounts


    We performed a licensing compliance review for one of North America’s biggest Toys manufacturers.

    The audit resulted in significant findings in the millions related to unauthorized deductions taken off the sales price.

    This is quite a common occurrence within the Toys licensing industry.